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Pest Control Program

Our Four Step Process

Step 1 - We will do a complete walk around your home looking for conductive conditions, and entry points for bugs to get inside your home. We will also take down all spider webs on your home up to a story and a half.

Step 2 - We will do another walk around, treating the window seals, door frames and/or openings and any conductive conditions and entry points noted in our initial walk around. During this treatment we will utilize a compressed air sprayer for a precision application material designed to treat the hard to get to areas of your home.

Step 3 - We will apply a 3-6 foot barrier using granulars. This material will hold up longer in the high moisture areas around your home. We will also treat all mulch and landscape beds that are connected to your home. These areas are normally high in moisture content and provide a great breeding ground for many insects. Lets stop the outside before they ever get in!

Step 4 - We will then apply our perimeter application around your home with our misting back - pack sprayer. This method allows us to apply less material, yet creates a better barrier with a fine mist. This treatment is more effective than a conventional tank system used by many PCO's. Our treatment includes the foundation, under decks, and in and around all landscape areas around your home to include the foliage and mulch beds connected to your home.