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pest control wildlife control mosquito control termite extermination

Our Story

Elmore Pest & Mosquito Control was founded to provide homeowners and business owners alike with professional-grade pest control services at an affordable price. We understand that every pest problem differs between every customer. Our team will take the time to provide a thorough inspection of your property and provide an honest, upfront assessment of the property. We do this because we believe our customers' best interests are our best interests. We look forward to earning your business the next time you are facing a pest problem!

pest control wildlife control mosquito control termite extermination

Meet The Founder, Vernon Elmore

Vernon Elmore has over 33 years in the pest control industry. Within the industry Vernon has experience in jobs such as sales, service, middle management, branch manager, regional manager, home inspector, and now owner. Vernon's introduction into the pest control industry was in 1990 at Orkin Pest Control where he was continuously recognized for outstanding sales and service quotas as one of the top inspectors in the state of North Carolina. Vernon has held a Structural Pest Control License in the state of North Carolina since 1997, and in addition to North Carolina he currently holds licenses in South Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. Vernon is also a North Carolina Certified Wildlife Control Agent, which he acquired within the past six years. Vernon's knowledge is not secluded to Pest Control, over the past three years Vernon has gained knowledge and experience in the Mosquito Control Industry, while working as a General Manager at Mosquito Authority.

While working for large corporations Vernon gained the experience of quality and reliable pest control. In Vernon's experience large quality corporations often lack a personal impact with their customers. Elmore Pest & Mosquito Control was founded on the idea that consumers deserve large corporation quality and reliability with an affordable, reliable, and personal experience. ‚Äč