Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes Be Gone

No one enjoys dealing with a flood of mosquitoes that is constantly swarming your backyard or property in general. At Elmore Pest & Mosquito Control, our most popular mosquito control treatment is our on-going barrier protection program. Upon our arrival, we will do a comprehensive walk through of your property to identify the problem and determine how to eliminate your mosquitoes. Our quality mosquito control services not only eliminate mosquitoes from your property, but ensure that your property remains protected and pest-free for the next 21 to 30 days. 28 years of experience has allowed us to learn the most effective practices in regard to pest removal. With every customer we work with, we make sure to provide them with the quality and care that they deserve. Say goodbye to itchy bites and bumps, and let Elmore Pest & Mosquito Control give you the backyard you've always dreamed of!