Crawl Space Service

Crawl Space Service

The Best Service for Moisture Control and Dehumidification across North Carolina

According to studies around North Carolina, up to half of all of the air in your home seeps upwards through your floor from your crawl space or basement.

While it is recommended to maintain humidity to 30% to 50%, humid air from below can increase these levels to 60% or even more. These increased humidity levels can cause respiratory problems, mold, mildew, and bacterial growth and even increased allergens and a musty odor.

Reduce Your Families Health Threats from Excessive Moisture in Your Home

With our state of the art moisture control services for your basement or crawl space, you will be sure your home and family is protected. You no longer will have to worry about the threat of black mold, bacterial infections, allergens, and more.

With our simple one-day installations you will enjoy the benefits of cleaner air, improved home circulation, reduced dust and allergens and more!

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